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Roca Technical Help




    Will the Roca semi-recessed basins fit to any other manufacturers bathroom furniture?

    This will not be a problem providing the size of the unit is at least 35mm wider on either side of the basin so that the brackets can be mounted to the underside of the worktop, which protrudes the basin. The 35mm gap either side of the basin will ensure that there is adequate space to fix the bracket with the aid of a tool.

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    Why does water continue to flow into the pan after flushing?

    There are lots of reasons for this see the main below:
    1 The float height on the inlet valve could be set too high allowing the water to flow into the internal overflow (refer the end user to the installation instructions and advise to set the float to the correct position)
    2 The inlet valve could have developed a fault and not closing off properly causing the water level to spill into the internal overflow (Advise to inspect and repair or replace valve and/or seal)
    3 The installation site could have low water pressure and not allowing the inlet valve to close (fluidmaster only) causing overfilling (advise the end user to contact their supplier and ask for a Fluid master ultra low pressure seal part: 242lp071)
    4 The Diaphragm washer could be faulty (replace the Diaphragm washer)
    5 The Drop valve could be faulty (replace the Drop valve).

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    Why does the push button cistern when operated continue to flush and not close and fill up (old installation)?

    1 - The diaphragm washer could be damaged (replace or reverse the washer)
    2 - The diaphragm washer could be dirty (clean the washer)
    3 - the Drop valve could be dirty (clean the Drop valve)
    4 - It is unlikely the Drop valve could be damaged but not impossible (replace the Drop valve)
    5 - There could be some foreign body obstructing any of the mechanisms relating to the Drop valve (remove any foreign bodies)

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    Why does the pan/cistern installed not take waste/paper away?

    There are a number of things which could cause this:

    1 - The holes of the rim on the box-rim pan could be blocked (inspect and unblock holes)

    2 - If the problem is occurring on a lever-flush cistern then the diaphragm washer could be worn away or torn and will need replacing.

    3 - The tail of the siphon that sits into the top of the pan may be too long and touching the ceramic in the top of the pan causing air locks and restricting the flow of water into the pan. (The siphon or drop valve tail will need to be cut off level with the siphon or drop valve back-nut)

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    Why does the cistern take minutes to fill after it has been flushed?

    1 In the case of a new installation this can be caused by low water pressure (replace the inlet seal for a low pressure one (fluid master) replace the inlet valve for a torbeck valve (roca inlet valve)
    2 In the case of an old installation it could be that the inlet valve has become blocked (inspect and clean the inlet valve)

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    When using the Aquatech, water flows out through the overflow underneath the seat in the unit. Why does this happen?

    From time to time this will happen. The tank will overflow depending on the differential in water pressure at different times of the day. This is not a problem or a malfunction of the unit.

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    When the toilet is used, the toilet cover will remain upright but not the actual seat.

    When the pan/cistern is installed, the cistern should only be touching the wall at the top, leaving an approximate gap of 30mm at the bottom.This will ensure that the performance of the seat is not impaired. This information is stated in the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

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    When the buttons are pressed on the push button cistern, you have to keep your finger on the buttons. How can this be rectified?

    The reason for this is that the rods that connect the push buttons to the Drop valve have been cut too short at time of installation. A replacement set of rods will need to be despatched to the customer. It may also be that the float for the Drop valve may have been set incorrectly, the end user would have to refer to the installation instructions to obtain the correct setting number for their range.

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    Water is leaking from between the pan and the cistern. How is the problem rectified?

    At the time of installation, the plumber must ensure that when the cistern is offered up to the pan, the close coupling washer must be situated into the recess at the top of the pan. From past issues with customers we know it is likely that the washer has moved during installation that causes the leak.

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    There are small scratches/marks on an acrylic bath. What can be used to get rid of the marks?

    Warm, soapy water can be used to remove stains on an acrylic bath. However, to remove more stubborn stains and scratches the customer could use domestic cleaners such as Brasso or T-Cut. These cleaners however must not be used on satin finishes, as they will remove the satin effect.

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    There are rust spots on the base of a bolt on legged steel bath that are situated in any of the four corners.Is the bath faulty?

    This could mean that the bath has developed a fault, but on the majority of occasions this usually means impact damage during transportation or installation which could have weakened the enamel surface. This could also be a result of debris from the pipework.

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    The whirlpool function on a hydromassage bath does not work. Why is this?

    This is because there is not enough water in the bath. The whirlpool will not function unless the water is above the highest whirlpool jet.

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    The plumber installing a cast-iron bath states that on the feet pack there isn’t a footplate that the leg attaches to.

    On the cast-iron bath feet there are no footplates. The leg acts as the foot, but the plumber can put timber underneath the feet if they feel the need to, but this is not essential.

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    The diverter on the manual shower valve is stiff and cannot be moved to select different settings. Can it be repaired?

    The diverter would have seized up due to lime scale. The diverter handle can be pulled off and some WD40 or similar applied to the spindle of the valve. This will make the diverter valve turn more freely. If not the diverter valve will have to be replaced.

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    The cycle will not start on a hydromassage bath with a self-clean function. What is the problem?

    The problem is that there is insufficient self-clean liquid in the inner dispenser. The bath will need to be filled up with self-clean liquid. Once the correct amount of fluid has been put into the bath, the self-clean indicator light will go out; showing the correct volume of liquid is in the bath.

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    The back-to-wall pan that has just been installed is leaking from the inlet joint (flush cone). How is the problem rectified?

    We suggest using the inlet flush cone that is included with the concealed cistern, this inlet joint is manufactured by the same company as the flushpipe and will provide a more compatible fit.

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    Sometime after installation, the acrylic on the bath is moving/flexing. Is the bath faulty?

    Unfortunately this issue means that the bath is faulty. The bath has ‘delaminated’. This occurs at the time of manufacture when the acrylic sheet has not been bonded properly to the baseboard.

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    On ceramic disc brassware, the tap is constantly dripping. Can the cartridges be replaced?

    The cartridges can be replaced. The ceramic disc can get scratched due to pipe debris and lime scale etc, so therefore the cartridge will need replacing.

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    On a whirlpool bath, nothing happens when the power button on the control panel is pressed. Why is this?

    This is because the power cable that is attached to the underside of the control panel has come out of the electronic power box which is situated underneath the bath. Once plugged in the bath will then work satisfactorily.

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    On a hydromassage bath with a remote control panel, the fixed base is lit, but the remote control doesn’t work.

    The battery will need to be changed in the remote control unit. To do this, unscrew the stopper on the remote control, replace the battery and screw on the stopper securely taking care not to lose the tiny rubber washer that keeps the stopper watertight.

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    On a basin with a semi-pedestal, the semi-pedestal isn’t fitting correctly to the underside profile of the basin.

    In this instance, we would ask the plumber to provide the stock reference number that is situated on the box. On a lot of occasions the wrong semi-pedestal has been supplied, as the stock codes are very similar.

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    How does the semi-recessed basin template relate to the cutout of the unit?

    The template for the semi-recessed basins comes in three parts which all becomes clear when the template is cut from the box and attached to the unit. The top section of the template relates to the worktop cutout, the centre section of the template relates to the actual roll of the worktop, and the bottom section is for the front fascia cut-out.

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    How can the push button cistern be made more secure when there are no drill holes in the back of it to screw it to the wall?

    The installer could apply a small bead of silicone sealant to the back of the cistern, this is not essential.

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    Can you add a bidet cover to a bidet sometime after it has been installed?

    Most Roca bidet covers are fixed from the rear, so there must be relevant access behind the bidet to fit the cover. When the bidet is installed, there must be a minimum gap of 40mm from the back of the bidet to the wall. This will give the relevant space for the bidet cover to be fitted.

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    Aquatechs/kits must first be calibrated so they adjust to the water pressure. This doesn’t work, is the unit faulty?

    This indicates that the hot and cold water supplies that supply the shower valve have been piped up the wrong way round. From a front view of the unit the hot supply should be to the left hand side of the valve and the cold supply must be to the right hand side of the valve. Once the supplies have been installed correctly, the calibration process can then go ahead. The process lasts for about 10 minutes. Once the unit has successfully been calibrated, the message ‘OK’ will appear on the display panel.

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    A wall-hung pan is being installed on a studded application. What is the configuration of the brackets and how are they fitted?

    The pan must be installed 320mm off the floor to fixing hole centres. The brackets will be installed inside the cavity of the wall, or the other side of the wall. The brackets must be screwed to floor into a 6”x 4” joist or similar. The pan is then hung off two metal 10mm rods that are attached to the cast-iron brackets. (We do have details of the configuration that can be faxed through to the installer).

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    A steel bath has developed a tiny rust spot/mark. What is the best cleaner to use on a steel bath?

    The bath should be cleaned with nothing stronger than warm, soapy water. Astonish cleaner can be used to remove more stubborn stains.

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    A cast-iron bath has developed a tiny rust spot/mark. What is the best cleaner to use on a cast-iron bath?

    The bath should be cleaned with nothing stronger than warm, soapy water. For more stubborn marks then Astonish domestic cleaner can be used.

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