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Customer Testimonials

Below are some of the comments made by our customers. You will notice that some of the company names are highlighted in orange, this is because they are installers that are listed on our sister site of wetroominstallers.com

This site is there for the benefit of our retail clients who are looking for a tradesman that understands and is an expert in fitting wet rooms, and of course it also enables our customers to know that these testimonials are from geuine sources and not, as some of the more cynical amongst us may fear, as being the figment of our imagination. 


"Many thanks Albert. You couldn’t have all been more helpful, and it’s much appreciated. The product was spot on too. All good"

Mr Graham Bond, Teignmouth


"They are competitive on price, a large selection of products, knowledgeable and efficient."

Mr Smith, Buildeasi, Burnley


"I must say the level of customer service you provide is absolutely super and its a pleasure to be dealing with you due to the quality of your advise and excellent knowledge of all the products!"

Mrs Ladwa, Willesden Green


"They are the best"

Mr Neary, KPN Solutions, Chorley


"Because Albert who I speak to gives me fantastic advice and so very helpful ,don't let this man leave!!!!!"

Mr Monk, CPM Bathrooms, Colchester


"The price is right and service excellent"

Charlie Johnston - Johnston & Graham


"A very helpful gentleman helped me with this order on Friday and phoned the Aco dispatchers to ensure the items were in stock."

Mrs Rose, Rose Engineering, Dorset


"Thank you very much for your great customer service. It was very reassuring that you kept me in the loop about the delays."

Mr Peyer, Norwich


"I placed an order early yesterday afternoon and was totally surprised when it arrived first thing this morning.I would like to thank you for the quick and efficient way my order was processed. Excellent service !!"

Ray Long,  Caterham