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Choosing Your Wet Room Shower Screen

In this guide we will endeavour to answer most of the questions you will find yourself asking but should you require further guidance, then First Class Wet Rooms have Technical Advisers available on 01626 324 234 to assist you.

You will also find in this guide many pictures to assist in guiding you to the correct products that you require. You will also find links to any products that are mentioned to aid you in locating the products required.

We will also try to simplify the terminology and give definitions of what we are referring to with the assistance of images where possible.

What type of Shower Screen is required?

Shower screens come in many configurations, with doors that can either Pivot, Slide, Bi-Fold or possibly even Fold & Pivot combined. You could also choose a ‘walk in’ shower screen. These are normally fixed glass panels comprising of anything from one straight panel to three panels depending on your choice of configuration. Walk in panels are normally associated with wet room floors but some can be installed onto certain types of shower tray. Below you will see some images of different shower screen and shower panel options to ease identifying your preferred choice.


 Fold & Swing Shower Door DiagramFold & swing shower door arrangement.    Saloon type Shower Door

Saloon Door style, folds into shower area and out into bathroom area.


Door Style Choosing A Wetroom Screen

Quadrant Swing Door Quadrant Sliding Door Corner Entry Swing Corner Entry Slider Single Door Slider   Dual Door Slider


Door Style Choosing A Wetroom Screen2

  Bi-Fold Door   Pivot Door   Outward Opening Saloon Corner Entry With Infill   Inline Pivot with Fixed Bespoke Side Panel

 Door   Panel  Panel


Kuadra H Walk In Shower ScreenNovellini Kuadra R90 Quadrant

Novellini Walk In Shower Cubicle Novellini Quadrant Semi-frameless


Do you want Framed, Frameless or Partially Framed?

You will also see that there are options of Framed, Frameless or Partially Framed shower screens, again, you will see below examples to help you identify exactly what you require. The highlighted links will take you to a selection of the relevant doors on our site.

Do you have a prefered brand of shower screen manufacturer? 

If you click on the manufacturer you desire the link will take you to that manfacturers products. Novellini, Lakes, ImpeyAKW, Huppe, Blu or First Class own brand shower screens.

Do you know the height of the screen you require?

Most shower cubicle screens are either 200cm or 190cm high although some screens are available in bespoke heights. Please see the following paragraph on made to measure screens.

What measurements to take when choosing a shower cubicle

Measurements Diagram for shower cubicles 1

Take the measurements from wall to the external edge of the shower tray. Measurements must be taken once the walls are finished and tiled, according to the above drawings.

Measurement Drawing for shower Cubicle2

Take the measurements from wall to wall at the bottom, at the top, in the middle anduse the smallest. Measurements must be taken once the walls are finished and tiled, according to the drawings.

There are navigation bars on the left hand side of our product pages that can be used to guide you to the type of door you require, or if you are not quite sure on the correct terminology for the door you require, maybe you’d prefer to call our team of Technical Advisers who’ll be happy to assist.

Making the right choice of Wet Rooms shower screen might be your first step in selecting the look and size of your Wet Room.