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Twyford Technical Help

Brochures with Technical, Installation and Guarantee Information 





How do I repair chips/small damage?
Ceramic sanitaryware cannot be repaired. Replace the product.

How white is Twyford white glaze?
Twyford white conforms to European and British Standards.

What guarantee covers Twyford Bathrooms products?
All Twyford Bathrooms ceramic products come with a 25 year guarantee *, which reflects our commitment to quality and the high standards we work to.

Twyford showering products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards. We are so confident of their quality, reliability and performance that we offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing faults with every enclosure, screen and tray.

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How do I repair chips/small damage?
There is a kit available for repairing small chips to porcelain enamelled baths: details are available from Twyford laboratory. Chips and holes on acrylic baths can not be repaired however, scratches can be cleaned up using very fine wet and dry paper and polished with Brasso.

How do you describe the difference between left- and right-handed corner baths to customers?
Stand facing the long side of the bath. If the plughole is to your left, it’s a left-handed bath. If it’s to your right, it’s a right-handed bath. This is the British standard method of description. However some products may not be described in this way.  Always be sure that your chosen bath has the tapholes where you want them!

What’s the difference between slip resistant and slip proof?
In law, slip-proof implies that a user could not slip, AT ALL.
Slip resistant means that the surface helps to resist slipping, only.


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How should one sit on a bidet?
Either way, whichever is most comfortable. You should sit on the bidet with your feet on the floor either side, either facing the spray or with it behind you. The directional spray of water can be directed at where you want to wash.

Is it possible to fit a bidet back-to-wall?
Yes. However, specific plumbing requirements will need to be met in line with the measurements shown in the Twyford Specification Manual.


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Which Twyford taps are the most water-efficient?
As a general rule spray mixer taps deliver less water than a conventional pillar or mono tap.

What are the minimum and maximum water pressures for taps?
All Twyford taps are designed to withstand mains-fed water pressures.

Which taps have quarter- and conventional-turn operation and what uses are they best for?
Quarter-turn taps are ideal for heavy traffic areas and frequent use, because of their durability and ease of use. Examples: busy domestic and commercial kitchens, hospitals. Conventional-turn taps are of equally high quality, and just take a little longer to turn on, although water flow can be more accurately controlled. It’s really a matter of the customer’s personal taste.


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Can urinal cisterns be installed at any other height than that recommended?
Urinal cisterns and bowls can be set at any height, provided that the measurement between the base of the cistern, and the front rim of the bowl is consistent, as shown in the installation instructions.

Alterations of the design specifications would require additional controls in specific environments. i.e. The inclusion of a valve in the flush pipe, to control the rate of water flow if increasing the vertical distance between bowl and cistern. Alternatively, positioning a cistern in a more horizontal position (a joining wall) would require an increase in vertical height. (approx. 50mm for each bend and 75mm per metre of horizontal run)

As a general rule, the heights of bowl urinals to the front rim for different users are:-

• Adults 610 mm
• Juniors 510 mm
• Infants 410 mm


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My washbasin doesn’t fit but it according to the specification manual it should. Surely it’s substandard?
Twyford washbasins are manufactured to strict quality standards.  With all ceramic products, there is some shrinkage during firing and no absolute measurement can be guaranteed.  However, each piece is inspected before leaving the factory to tolerances as defined by British Standards.

What brackets should be used for different types of washbasins?
All brackets for individual products are specified within the Twyford Spec-Master Specification Manual. Some washbasins are supplied complete with brackets.

What is the minimum depth of the worktop for a semi-recessed basin?

What are the recommended fixing heights for washbasins used in schools?
From Floor to lip
• Nursery 600 mm
• Infant 685 mm
• Junior 750 mm
• Adult 900 mm

Laboratory Sink - Does Twyford supply a fixing kit for their laboratory sink?
No, Twyford recommends a timber frame to support the product

Sink Legs  -  can the height of the legs be reduced?
Yes, sink legs are made of square section tubular steel and can be cut to size, re-fixing the captive thread part after cutting.

CP Bottle traps - will standard, off-the-shelf, pipes fit Twyford Chrome Plated Bottle traps?
No, the outlet on Twyford CP traps are non standard, CP extension pipes are a recommended inclusion in the installation.


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Horizontal outlet (HO), what does it mean? What are the features and benefits?
Horizontal Outlet describes the angle (horizontal) at which the outlet pipe leaves the back of the WC pan. It enables easier fixing of plastic outlet pipes and is adaptable/more flexible as the pipe work can be positioned in a variety of different ways, depending on the space available, the location of the soil stack and the position of the WC in relation to the external wall. This gives the builder and the customer greater choice in where to put the toilet.

What is IO (internal overflow) and how does it work?
Overflow pipes were traditionally positioned so that any water leaking from a cistern could escape by dripping onto the floor or outside the building. This was a requirement under UK Water Byelaws to prevent waste of water: the principle was that a dripping overflow pipe was more likely to be noticed and the problem rectified. Internal Overflow is a system that allows any overflowing water from the cistern to be discharged into the toilet bowl. It is now allowed under Water Regulations January 2001.

How do you install cisterns, levers, & WCs
Fixing instructions are supplied with the product. A brief guide may be found in the Twyford Bathrooms Specification Manual.

There are small black marks on the side of my cistern. Is it faulty?
Not necessarily. Some small specks are allowed under the relevant BS (British Standard)

Where are product numbers situated on the product?
Most Twyford products have some identification marked on them. Packaging is fully labelled.

Cisterns - in the base
Cistern lid - under the lid (this also identifies the suite)
Pans - these are not marked.

Will X toilet seat fit on Y pan?
Not necessarily. See the Twyford Bathrooms Specification Manual.

P traps and S traps - what does it mean? What’s the difference?
P and S simply describe the shape of the trap. In general, an ‘S’ trap goes out through the floor and a ‘P’ trap through the back wall.

What’s the quietest WC suite Twyford make?
Although all our WCs are relatively quiet in action, in general box rim WC suites make for quieter operation.

What cisterns have lever or push-button options?
This is referred to in the Twyford Bathrooms Specification Manual

Do Twyford supply bottom-outlet pans?
Yes. Bottom outlet pans are supplied by Twyford and are available for the UK market as they meet UK Water Regulations

Do Twyford products conform to water regulations?
Yes. All Twyford WC suites fully conform with the requirements of the UK Water Regulations.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of lever operated cisterns compared with the push button cisterns?
Both systems of WC flushing have their good points and not so good points.  Here is the list:-


• Traditional styling
• Positive/definite operation
• Good for use by people with disabilities
• Front or side operation
• Syphon operation defaults to water saving – ie totally leak free
• Lots of inexpensive spare parts in stock
• Traditional technology – understood by installers
• Easy to install – basic design used by all manufacturers
• Tends to give a slower flush – which is good for bowl cleansing


• One flush volume, only – 6 litres
• Difficult to maintain if diaphragm fails in use. Requires entire suite to be dismantled
• Cistern lid is loose - can be knocked out of position
• Tend only to be used in UK and UK markets
• Some of the parts may be in manufactured metal, which rusts


• Modern , slim cistern styling
• Top operation only
• Button secures the lid of the cistern - safety
• Usually factory fitted prior to despatch
• Push button operation
• Dual flush – 6 and 4 litre
• Water saving
• Very easy maintenance
• Technology is well known throughout the world
• Totally plastic – rust free


• Designs and designs of the valve vary a lot and can therefore be confusing for installers
• Spare parts are less well stocked and tend to be slightly more expensive
• Difficult to operate by people with ability problems with their hands
• Tendency to leak if not well maintained
• Tends to give a fast flush
• Dual flush buttons can be confusing to people who have not used them before
• Valve set up can be complicated if not factory fitted
• Valve “seat” can become clogged with dirt or limescale and lead to leaks
• Can be more expensive than a syphon
• Many cheap imitations on the market which are not tested and can be troublesome


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LANTAC (Local Authority National Type Approval Consortium) is a system originally devised to cover standard buildings or prefabricated units which are repeated in many different sites and localities in England and Wales (Scotland is not covered).

Such products under the LANTAC system can be evaluated for compliance with Building Control Regulations and then certified as such.

Once outline planning / building approval has been given for the site, use of a LANTAC certified product means that no further building control approval is needed until final inspection.

LANTAC have granted certification to the Twyford Doc.M Packs.


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