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Shower Supply Pumps Technical Help

Before installing a shower booster pump you must ensure that you have a stored cold water capacity that is adequate for the household requirements. For every bathroom you would require 50 gallons of cold water storage plus 30 gallons for every en-suite bathroom, so for instance you would require 80 gallons for a house with one bathroom and one en-suite. It is also advisable to size your shower pump correctly for your requirements and insure that your stored water is not above a temperature of 65 degrees.

The drawing below shows the basic elements of installing a shower booster pump

Shower Pump Installation Drawing



Negative Head Pump Diagram

The drawing below shows the pipework configuration if you need to T off of existing supplies to other outlets within the dwelling. The connections to the hot water cylinder are normally made with either Essex, Wessex or Surrey (type) Flanges. As with all of the products we sell, we are happy for you to call us on 01626 332210 and let our Technical Advisors assist you.

T off Drawing