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Provex Technical Help

Brochures and Maintenance Guides



The doors do not close / a gap remains

Check the polarity of the magnetic seals/ adjust the width of the door

The door sticks

Adjust the door position with the adjusting bolt

Care of "high GLASS" shower enclosures

Do not use scouring or aggressive detergents / Do not use micro fibre cloths / coating is a cleaning aid

Which shower enclosure fits on which shower tray?

See price list

Hotline for repairs or customer service


Adjustment possibilities of the different showers

See instruction guide

The seal on the bottom of the glass brakes

Door is adjusted wrong / shower tray vaulted

The doors hang out (e.g. ARCO AR or CLASSIC RC)

Adjust by screw above with ARCO AR and screw below with CLASSIC RC / profile bent control with spirit level

Should I silicon outside or inside

Always outside


See instruction guide

Delivery terms of our products

We dispatch all standard products within one week following receipt of the order. Special sizes will take up to 3 weeks to be delivered.


We can give you a guarantee of at least 2 years for all our products including the anti-calcium protection HIGH-GLASS.

Cleaning of our products

Please have a look on our cleaning recommendation Please have a look at our cleaning recommendation