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Brochure "Bathroom Drains"

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Product Technical Details

Shower channel Linearis /Linearis Super60 (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 362-901)

Volatile liquid trap (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 308-038)

Floor/Roof drain Ecoguss (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 325-913)

Fire-Kit (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 280-100)

The "Ultraflat" (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 362-915A)

Floor drain "Practicus" (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 325-914)

Shower channel LINEARIS compact (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 362-904)

Flange (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 325-915)

Ecoguss parking drain (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 325-917)

The "Superflat" (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 042-110)

Floor drain (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-110)

Multistop (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 201-100)

Bathroom drain "Classic" (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-113)

Bathroom drain with clamping flange (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-038)

Linearis Basic (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 362-903)

Floor drain (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-034)

Bathroom drain "Classic" (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-112)

Bathroom Drain Classic (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 084-111)

Pumpfix S (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 010-600 Art.-Nr.: 28451)

Linearis Comfort (EBA-Mat.-Nr.: 362-905)