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  • Closomat Palma Vita Shower Toilet Closomat Palma Vita Shower Toilet
  • Closomat Palma Vita Shower Toilet Closomat Palma Vita Shower Toilet

Closomat - Palma Vita - Shower Toilet WC


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Regular Price : £3,188.88

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Regular Price : £3,188.88

Special Price Excl. Tax: £2,595.28 Incl. Tax: £3,114.34


Specification - Electrics

Fully inclusive of commissioning required by manufacturer for warranty purposes, to be notified by installer upon completion.

Please note: Price now includes any Douche Arm (standard, extended single/twin)

Installation Recommendations

  1. Electrical installation should be in accordance with I.E.E. Regulations (Current Edition).
  2. 220v/240v single phase AC supply is required, (fuse loading 6 to 8 amp, maximum power 1500 watts). The Clos-o-Mat is supplied with 3 core cable attached. A fused spur is required.
  3. The spur outlet is normally located adjacent to the unit preferably R.H.S. facing.

Bathroom/Shower Room Installations

  1. Particular attention should be paid to I.E.E. Regulations when the unit is to be fitted in a bathroom or shower area. We recommend isolation external to the room.
  2. I.E.E. Regulations require a Residual Current Device to be fitted to the circuit to ensure that disconnection occurs within 0.4 seconds in the event of earth fault.
  3. The Clos-o-Mat must not be in direct line with the shower spray. Some form of partition between shower and Clos-o-Mat is advisable to prevent any water spraying directly on to the equipment.
  4. A shower should not be used in conjunction with the Clos-o-Mat. i.e. Under NO circumstances must a user shower whilst seated on Clos-o-Mat.


Specification - Douche

There are 3 douche arm operations available:


  • For anal cleansing.
  • Suitable for male and female.

Single Extended Spray

  • Normally for “gynaecological” use in hospitals.
  • Occasionally specified when a client cannot sit far enough back for effective anal cleansing with standard douche.
  • Fitted for use with Chailey support or Blue Wave support systems Can be used for elderly female urinary incontinence.

Extended Twin Spray

 Only suitable for disabled females who desire to wash “front and back” simultaneously.

  2. With twin spray the volume of warm washing water is significantly decreased i.e. “warm” wash will not last as long.
  3. The purpose of twin spray is not to “wash twice as well” nor to “wash a larger area” and should not be specified for all female users unless there is a specific requirement as described above.
  4. The “front” wash of single and twin extended douche arms is angled back at 15° from vertical to effectively wash the vaginal area and to avoid faecal contamination of the perineum. The drying function of the Clos-o-Mat is significantly compromised (the drying air is discharged from the back of the pan i.e. directed towards the front).
  5. Temperature and pressure of the wash are both reduced for washing the front of the body and this reduces effectiveness of anal cleansing. 
  • Where anal cleansing is the prime reason for deciding to buy a shower toilet then standard douche should be specified.

Specification - Water


  • Cold water service only; water supply can be from level storage or mains
  • The Clos-o-Mat is supplied with 15mm copper spigot and isolating valve on cold water supply.

No external hot water supply is required.

Soil Connection

  • Outlets are suitable for ‘P’ trap through the wall (220mm floor to centre) or ‘S’ trap through the floor (70mm–250mm finished wall to centre).
  • Suitable for left hand and right hand turned trap applications.


  • The Clos-o-Mat has an internal overflow which discharges into the W.C. pan through the flush valve.

Further Notes

  • No permanent hand rails or other obstructions should be fitted across the front or top of the unit. The white outer case has to be pulled upwards and forward to remove for service access
  • If extended douche option is specified, space must be made to accommodate douche arm which extends beyond rear of casing.
  • Optional infill panel available to avoid need to chase wall. Unit can be fitted away from rear wall if required.
  • Closomat Changing Places Brochure

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