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Aqualisa Technical Help

Technical FAQ's


Which Digital shower is best for my water system?


Simple, if you have a gravity water storage system you would purchase a Gravity digital shower system which comes with an integral pump. If you have a mains fed water system e.g. combi boiler or unvented storage cylinder you will need to select a HP/Combi digital shower system. If you are unsure about your system type check our Shower technology explained pages.


What are the flow rates on your Digital Showers?


This will vary according to your water system and type of digital shower you have, but typically you can expect:


Gravity (with integral pump) digital shower - 13 l/m normal – 18l/m on boost


HP/Combi digital shower on unvented HP system at 3 bar - 18l/m


Flow rates when installed on a combination boiler will vary depending on boiler output.




I have changed my water system and I have a Digital shower, do I need to change the processor?


Yes you will have to purchase the appropriate control and processor for the new system. Go to our Shower technology explained pages to find out more.




Where can I site my processor?


Typically in the loft, in the airing cupboard or under the bath, all subject of course to relevant regulatory compliance.  Should servicing ever be required the processor must of course be fully accessible.




Can I use body jets on a digital shower?


It depends, the Quartz Digital shower which is suitable for use with gravity systems will operate quite well in ‘Boost’ using the custom twin body jet assembly. In the case of an unpumped unit, it depends on the performance of the supply system so, a good rule of thumb would be - Combination boilers No! Unvented storage Yes!




I want to site the digital processor in the loft space, the only power supply in the loft is the lighting circuit. Can I take a supply from lighting circuit?


Yes you can but you must make sure that there is no voltage drop on the circuit when the lights are operated.  You must of course take the connection from an unswitched supply otherwise the shower may only work when the lights are on! 


It is better to make the connection from the power circuit. Remember, this must be done by an approved competent person when no existing power point exists!


In order to install the digital processor the loft space needs to be boarded and safe for our engineers to safely access the loft and reach the processor box.




Are there any considerations when installing a concealed shower valve?


Always use the mortar guard which is supplied, or install in accordance with the installation instructions to guarantee the correct servicing clearances if the valve needs to be accessed at a later date.




How critical is the bore through the shower hose to the performance of the shower?


Very critical! The Aqualisa hose is sized to complement the mixing valve performance, only use approved Aqualisa parts on Aqualisa products.




What size tanks or water capacity do I need to supply a shower?


For normal domestic use we recommend a cold water storage tank of not less than 225 litres (50 gallons). Hot water storage will depend on a number of factors such as frequency of showering, length of shower, flow rate of shower and recovery time of the boiler. As a rule of thumb a shower will use 2/3 hot water and 1/3 cold water. For example an Aquastream Thermo with a flow rate of 18l/m on boost will use 12 litres of hot water a minute. Therefore will use up the contents of a small normal domestic HW storage cylinder containing 117 litres of which 93 litres is useable, in just under eight minutes.


We recommend that the larger the storage cylinder you fit, the better.




I have changed from gravity to a combination boiler, do I need to fit a new cartridge to my Thermo shower?


Possibly, to ensure best performance from your shower you require a special cartridge designed for combination boilers. It is identified with a pink band. See the parts store to identify the cartridge which will fit your Thermo shower. On newer models it may be possible to purchase a flow regulator to fit in the cold inlet of the valve. You will need to obtain specialist advice to see if this is possible. The safest bet is to purchase a cartridge.




Do you manufacture showers that are suitable for step modulating boilers


Yes, our Thermo valves may be connected to these systems but optimum performance is achieved with combination boilers which are correctly set up and fitted with a fully modulating gas valve.  Digital showers cannot be used with step modulating boilers.




Can I pump mains water?


No! Water Supply Regulations 1999 (Water Byelaws 2000 Scotland) do not allow shower booster pumps to be connected directly to mains fed plumbing. Also this being the case, Pumped variants are not designed to withstand high pressure supplies.


Do you sell service kits for your showers?


Our policy is to supply spares for all our products for at least eight years from cessation of production. Sometimes for reasons beyond our control we cannot supply a spare. In these cases we will offer an alternative solution. Our comprehensive range of spares can be accessed and purchased on line. If you wish we can fit the part as well. Use one of the contact forms to request a call.




Can you tell me the flow rates for your showers?


Flow rates will vary from model to model and will depend on the type of water system used. You can find out more if you go to the Specification download of the specific product you are interested in on the Trade Section of our website.



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